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V&T Technologies Co.,Ltd. EcoDriveCN® drives will attend 9th Kashgar Central and South Asia Commodity Fair

June 8, 2013

As one of the leading and professional supplier in Asia in the field of motor control, energy saving, motion control and industrial automation, shenzhen V&T Technologies Co., Ltd. EcoDriveCN® drives will attend the 9th Kashgar Central and South Asia Commodity Fair.

Date: 28th June ~ 2nd July
Booth No#: B028

Kashgar, Xinjiang is an unique city in China, near South Asia, Central Asia and Western Asia. It's the gateway of doing business in these areas.

In this commodity fair, Shenzhen V&T Technologies Co., Ltd. EcoDriveCN® drives will mainly introduce dedicated AC variable speed drives, servo drives, and other related power electronics, including the following products or industries:
solar pump controller and system,
stone processing,
mine winch,
water supply,
oil pumping control cabinet,
drawing machine (pulling machine),
air compressor,
textile industry.

Welcome to visit our booth and products.
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