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Application of frequency converter (AC inverter) for mine hoist (mine winder)

Photos on site of V&T EcoDriveCN® application cases

Photos of application cases for mine hoist (mine winder), coal mine winch with V&T EcoDriveCN® drives

Photos on site of application cases of V&T EcoDriveCN® AC variable speed controller on cranes

V5-H series V&T EcoDriveCN® AC inverters are high performance, vector control. WE adopt the technique of sensorless vector control (SVC), have excellent control performance as other famous brands in the world (such as Siemens, ABB, Danfoss, Yaskawa, Schneider Electric). For the mineral resources exploitation, the customized and industrial designs strengthen the reliability and environmental suitability, can meet different kinds of requirements of motion control.

Selection guide for V&T EcoDriveCN® AC inverters (frequency converters)

For the mine hoists, or mine winders, including other hoists, the features of load, belongs to constant torque and heavy duty machinery. So V5-H series AC drive must be chosen. Taking into account the safety factors, the power rating of AC inverter should be two levels larger than the rated power of the motor. For example, if the rated power of the motor is 110KW, the power of AC inverter should be 160KW at least. And dynamic braking or regenerative braking unit should be added.

If the motor itself offers the signal of the encoder, may choose V6-H series AC inverters. These V6-H series AC inverters can work for closed loop vector control, thus improving the speed precision and torque under low frequency of AC inverter.

The advantages of V&T EcoDriveCN® AC inverters (VFDs) for mine hoist.

Advanced torque control, decreasing the mechanical failure rate, increasing the production efficiency.

1. Strong and large torque for low frequency, eliminating hook sliding phenomena. Even the brake is done during the process of rising, it can also raise the heavy goods in midway, doesn't need to put the goods to the level ground and restart. The starting torque is 180% for 0.25Hz when open loop, 180% for 0Hz when closed loop.

2. The failure rate of derailing of hoist is obvious decreasing. Stable acceleration and deceleration, avoid the possibility of derailment of winch, decreasing the wear and damage of rope and machinery obviously.

Intelligent failure assumption, avoiding the maintenance workload.

1. Decreasing the additional maintenance workflow of original contactor and speed resistance, thus decreasing the maintenance cost. It has perfect multi-level protection functions, and offers the failure indication. This makes you to solve the problem in time, without affecting the normal working time.

2. The panel is with built-in function of parameters copy, decreasing the workflow of tuning and maintenance.

Easy operation. The same operation habit, supports coexistence of the original system.

1. People is familiar with the recast winch even for the first operation.
2. Support switching between power frequency and variable frequency. Support coexistence of the original system after reconstructing with frequency converter (AC inverter).

Multiple protection functions, ensure the improved safety and reliability of the system

1. Over-speed limiting protection function. When the speed of winch exceeds one value, automatically limit the max speed, increasing the safety greatly.
2. Reliable brake sequence control function. When starting, previously offer enough torque, then loose the brake, ensures no downwash. When it's close to completely stopping, but with torque output, brake is clasping. Then when the failure happens or there are problems with the safety circuit, mechanical braking is running automatically, ensures the safety.
3. Strong system protection functions and environment suitability. Up to 32 kinds of mature protection functions, ensure the stable operation of the system. Strong electrical grid adaptability. For wide voltage range 323V-480V, the frequency converter (inverter) is working normally.
4. Perfectly cooperating with mechanical braking system and safety circuit. Compatible with the safety circuit of old system, combining with different kinds of mechanical braking perfectly, maximizes to ensure the safety of the whole system.

Maximizing the efficiency

1. When the mine hoist is during the hoisting process, the saving power is proportional with the speed.
2. When during hoist down, the motor is in generating mode. If adopting regenerative braking unit, the saved power is not only proportional with the speed, but also include the regenerative power.

Guide of applyingV&T EcoDriveCN® frequency converter (AC inverter) in the field.

Set P9.15=1, for motor static self-tuning

Connect potentiometer to 10V, AI1 and GND, then configure.

P0.04=1: frequency setting through AI1.
P0.06=1: terminal control.
P3.09=0: allow REV.

Set the function of multi-function input terminal

P5.00=2: X1=FWD.
P5.01=3: X2=REV.
P5.02=20: X3=fault reset.
P5.03=21: X4=external interrupt contact input, connecting mechanical braking signal.
P5.04=22: X5=disallow AC inverter to run. Connect the safety circuit.
P5.05=55: X6=signal switching between human and machine P5.06=26: X7=the fastest parking

Set the multi-function output terminal

Because of the limitation of the length on the web, we just mention a small paragraph here, and have not include the wiring diagram of our frequency converter.

For details, just download this document: Application of V&T EcoDriveCN® frequency converter for mine hoists.
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