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Application of V&T EcoDriveCN® variable speed drives for tower crane (tower hoist)

Application cases of V&T EcoDriveCN® motor variable speed controller on cranes (hoists)

Application cases of cranes (hoists)


Nowadays, tower cranes are applied widely, such as normal multi-storey building, real estate engineering, high-rise building, large scale railway engineering, bridge engineering, electrical engineering, hydraulic engineering. CAD, microelectronic technology, and programmable language control technology are used in tower cranes. The development trend of control for slewing mechanism, hoisting mechanism and trolley mechanism is control via frequency inverter (variable speed drive). As the leading supplier, V&T Technologies Co.,Ltd. offer high performance drives and robust solution in this area.

Slewing mechanism

The features of slewing mechanism include large inertial impaction, large impaction while excessively fast start, disallow excessively fast while stopping and reverse running. Otherwise, the running is not smooth, and the mechnism will be damaged. The better solution is adopting special slewing reducer, variable speed and frequency controls for smooth start-brake. With frequency inverter (variable speed drive), the control will be easy. The control system will have multiple protection. And the whole system will be safer and more reliable.

V&T EcoDriveCN® variable frequency drive (VFD): V5-H-4T3.7G/5.5L, with built-in brake unit. The brake resistor is 150 Ohm, 390W.
The paramters are as follows:
P0.03=0; P0.05=20; P0.06=1; P0.08=5; P0.09=7; P3.09=0; P4.23=27; P4.25=35; P4.29=46
P5.00=2; P5.01=3; P5.02=10; P5.03=11; P5.04=1; PA.09=1

Hoisting mechanism

Hoisting mechanism is the most important motion mechanism of tower crane (tower hoist). Under traditional speed control, it requires low speed with heavy load, fast speed with light duty, large speed adjustment range. The speed control of hoisting mechanism impact the performance of whole tower crane (tower hoist) directly. There are 3 principles for speed adjustment of hoisting mechanism:
1. Smooth, low impaction
2. Economical, reliable
3. Easy to maintain

The small-medium tower crane (tower hoist), which capability is less than 6 tons, multiple pole motors are widely used, such as 4 pole motor, 8 pole motor, 32 pole motor.

We use the wiring of 8 pole motor while not changing the former motor.

Variable frequency drive (VFD): V5-H-4T18.5G/22L, with built-in braking unit. The braking resistor is 32 Ohm, 4800 W.
Motor parameters: 15kw, 8 pole, 720 rpm, 26A.
Parameters of the drive: P9.00=0; P9.01=8; P9.02=72; P9.03=15; P9.04=26; P9.05=8.5; P0.03=0; P0.06=1; P0.08=3; P0.09=2; P0.11=100; P0.13=100; P3.09=0; P4.09=3.0; P4.10=45; P4.22=15; P4.23=50; P4.25=100; P5.00=2; P5.01=3; P5.02=9; P5.03=10; P5.04=11; P5.05=13; P7.00=3; P7.02=2; P7.20=2; P7.21=2.0; P7.22=2.0; P7.23=2.0; P7.25=10; PA.09=1



There are the following advantages while applying V&T EcoDriveCN® variable frequency drives:
For details, such as wiring diagram of slewing mechanism and hoisting mechanism, operation remarks, please download this document: Application of tower crane (tower hoist).

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