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V&T EcoDriveCN® medium voltage motor soft starter panel in coal mine

V&T EcoDriveCN® medium voltage soft start reduced voltage motor starters provide solid state overload and numerous protective features for both the motors and the soft starters, are a cost-effective alternative to using direct or wye-delta starters for starting three-phase motors in coal mine.
motor soft starters in coal mine

For V&T EcoDriveCN® medium voltage soft start reduced voltage motor starters, bypass vacuum contactor sized for across-the-line (emergency) motor starting is standard to guarantee cool operation in all environments and extend unit life.

The soft start in control cabinets can be implemented in almost any application in a simple and practical way with V&T EcoDriveCN® motor soft starter range.

For this project, this medium voltage soft starter is used for pumps in coal mining industry.
soft starter panel in coal mine

Parameters of MV motor soft starters on site:
Starting voltage: 40%.
Current limiting factor: 3.5 times (350% Ie).
Starting time: 10s.

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