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V&T EcoDriveCN® drives provide a full range of motor control technologies throughout a wide range of industries, to enhance and improve machine automation

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As the leader of drives & controls, EcoDriveCN® drives are pleased to offer Fuji frequency inverters, drives, servo as part of our product portfolio.

EcoDriveCN Fuji

Fuji frequency inverters(VSD, VFD, AC drives, variable speed drives, variable frequency drives, VVVF)

Fuji Frequency Inverters 
Our inverters contribute to automization, labour-saving and energy-saving in machines and facilities in industrial fields. They are all compact, yet powerful,
ranging from high-performance torque vector control models to simplified models. Our full line of inverters is capable of satisfying every demand of variable
speed control.
Quality and High-Performance Line Up
FRENIC-Mini Series
 Fuji FRENIC Mini inverters
Optimum performance for traversing conveyors
The ideal functions to serve a multiplicity of needs for small-capacity inverters
Simple operation and wiring
Interface for peripheral devices and comprehensive protective functions
Multiple Options
Frequency setting potentiometer is provided as standard equipment for easy frequency setting.
Loaded with functions ideal for horizontal conveyance machines, i.e. automatic torque boost, current limiting function, and slip compensation function.
The automatic energy-saving function and the PID control function are suitable for controlling fans and pumps.
Side-by-side mounting is possible.
FRENIC-Eco Series
 Fuji FRENIC Eco inverters
Energy saving effects are even further enhanced 
Long life design that meets your expectation
Maintenance is simplified, for both the inverter and equipment
Consideration of the surrounding environment and panel design
Operator-friendly features
Network compatibility
Developed exclusively for variable torque load required for the equipment such as fans and pumps.
Various functions including automatic power-saving function of a new system, PID control function, lifetime forecast function, and sequence for switching to the
operation on the commercial power source.
Side-by-side mounting is possible.
FRENIC-Multi Series
 Fuji FRENIC Multi inverters
Gentler on the environment
Expanded capacity range and abundant model variation
The highest standards of control and performance in its class
Optimum for the operations specific to vertical and horizontal conveyance
Simple and thorough maintenance
Simple operation, simple wiring
Consideration of peripheral equipment, and a full range of protective functions
You can use an inverter equipped with functions like these
 Fully compatible with network operation
 Global compatibility
FRENIC-Mega Series
 Fuji FRENIC Mega inverters
Applicable control methods: PG vector control, sensorless vector control, dynamic torque vector control, and V/f control
Improved performance of current response and speed response (vector control)
Improved durability in overload operation
Keypad with a USB connector (option)
Use of parts of a longer life cycle (Designed life: 10 years)
Various functions that accommodate a wide range of applications
Expanded capacity of the brake circuit built-in model (~22kW) 22kW ~ 110kW: Contact Fuji
Great model variation meeting customer's needs 
Compliance with RoHS Directives (planned)
Improved resistance to the environment impact
FRENIC 5000VG7S Series
 Fuji FRENIC 5000VG7S inverters
The industry's best control performance
Use with different control types (multi-drive function)
A wide range of capacity/flexible applications 
Built-in user-programmable functions (option as UPAC)
Enhanced network readiness
High-end inverter loarder software
Enhanced built-in functions
Upgraded maintenance/protective functions
Interactive KEYPAD for simple operation
Conformity to world standards
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