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motor control, energy efficiency in mining industry, such as mine lifting machine

Mine winch
Mine lifting machine

I Application Overview of V&T EcoDriveCN® drives in Mine Industry

Industry development trend

Mine resource exploitation industry has formed extensive type, high consumption, and high pollution development mode for a long time and has made resource and environment difficult to bear. Therefore it is of all-important strategy significance for mine resource exploitation enterprises to realize energy conservation and emission reduction.

The hoister is a conveyor which is used most extensively in mine and is simply classified as single hook type and dual hook type.

Currently most of mine hoisters universally use serials resistance speed control, which is high in failure rate, heavy maintenance workload, poor in control performance and severe in electrical energy waste and other shortcomings. So speed regulation by inverter will become a tendency.

V5-H series inverter (AC drive) is high performance vector control inverter. The speed-sensorless vector control technology synchronal with currently international most leading technology is adopted for product, which is not only provided with the same excellent control performance as international high-end inverter, but also combines application features, further intensifying the product reliability, environmental adaptability and customized and industrialized design in mine resource exploitation industry. It can better satisfy demands of various driving applications.

V&T EcoDriveCN® Inverter (AC drive) lectotype

The hoister (including other hoisters) belongs to constant tension heavy load equipment, for which V5-H series inverter (AC drive) should be selected.

With safety aspect considered, inverter power class shall be two levels greater than motor rated power. For example, if motor is 110kW, selected inverter should be at least 160kW. In addition, it needs to add an energy braking unit or an energy feedback unit.

If motor with speed encoder,V6-H series inverter can be used to perform closed loop vector control, which can further improve speed stabilizing accuracy and low frequency torque of inverter (variable speed drive).

II advantages in mine industry

Excellent control performance decreases mechanical failure rate and improves production benefit

1. Powerful torque at low frequency eliminates hook slide phenomenon. Even if braking is performed in lifting midway, heavy load can be pulled up in midway and need not be placed onto flat ground for restart.
Under open loop control, the starting torque attains 180% rated torque under 0.25Hz running, under close loop control, the starting torque attains 180% rated torque under 0Hz running.

2. The hopper derail fault rate is evidently reduced. Smooth acceleration and deceleration avoid winch derail possibility and greatly reduce abrasion of machinery and rope.

Intelligent failure predication reduces maintenance workload

1. It reduces excess repair workload for contactor and speed regulation resistance of original system and greatly reduces maintenance cost. It is also provided with perfect multilayer protection functions and output fault indication to ensure you can solve problems in time without affecting normal production time.

2. The operation panel self-contains parameter copy function, greatly reducing debugging and maintenance workload.

Convenient for use, unchanged in operation habit, compatible with original system

1. Operator can still be skillful in operation for the first time after winch renovation.

2. Support switchover between power frequency and variable frequency. Compatible with original system after renovation, without changing anything in original system.

Multifold protection functions ensure system is more safety and reliable

1. Over-speed limitation protection function. When winch speed exceeds certain degree, it can automatically limit maximum speed, greatly improving safety.

2. Reliable contracting brake sequence control function. Giving sufficient torque in advance during starting and then releasing brake ensure it wouldn't skid down.
The brake is hold when it is about to stop but there is still torque output. The mechanical brake can be automatically hold to ensure safety when any fault occurs or any problem appears in safety circuit.

3. Super-strength system protection function, adaptive capability to environment and perfect protection functions as many as 32 kinds ensure safe and stable operation of system.
With powerful power grid adaptive capability, frequency conversion can normally work likewise when grid voltage fluctuation range is 323V - 480V.

4. It can perfectly cooperate with mechanical brake and safety circuit for application, can be compatible with safety circuit of original system and can perfectly cooperate with all types of mechanical brakes to guarantee overall system safety to an uttermost.

Maximized benefit and large energy saving space conform to energy conservation and emission reduction policy

1. When mine hoist remains at lifting status, the saved energy is proportional to rotation speed;

2. When hoister remains at drop status and motor remains at power generation status, if energy feedback unit is adopted, the saved energy is not only proportional to rotation speed, but also feedback energy is added.

III. Inverter Application Guidance

AC drive system wiring diagram

System wiring diagram

Figure 1

Input motor parameters:

P0.11:Max frequency; P0.13: Frequency upper limit;
P0.12:Rated voltage of motor P0.15:Rated frequency of motor;
P9.01:Poles of motor P9.02:Rated rotation speed of motor
P9.03:Rated power of motor; P9.04:Rated current of motor
Setting P9.15=1to perform parameter static auto tuning.
Connecting potentiometer to Terminal 10V, AI1 and GND, and setting parameter as below:
P0.04=1:Frequency reference channel is AI1; P0.06=1:Terminal control;
P3.09=0,Reverse running is enable;
Setting function of multi function input terminal:
P5.00=2:X1, forward; P5.01=3:X2, reverse;
P5.02=20:X3, fault reset; P5.03=21:X4, interrupt signal;
P5.04=22,X5, inverter running disable; P5.05=55,X6, human and vehicle switching;
P5.06=26,X7, emergency stop;
Setting function of multi function output terminal:
P7.00=00:Y1, running indicator; P7.01=15:Y2, alarm indicator;
P7.02=14:relay, fault indicator;
Analog output terminal:
P7.03=53:AO1, output voltage; P7.04=50:AO2, output current

Notice on application

1. Electromagnetic machinery safety contracting brake and frequency converter running are interlocked. Only after electromagnet is switched on, can inverter start. After any fault occurs, safety brake is enclasped.

2. Positive /reverse changeover switch of inverter is electrically interlocked with manual contracting brake. Before manual contracting brake is not released, inverter cannot receive any actuating signal.

3. Manual contracting brake is electrically interlocked with speed regulation potentiometer. When potentiometer is adjusted to 0V corresponding to 5Hz, once manual contracting brake returns to original position, frequency converter performs zero velocity output at once. Meanwhile frequency converter stops.

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