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V&T EcoDriveCN® drives held a training course in GuangXi

July 1, 2011

May 29-June 3, 2011, as the No.1 provider in China of explosionproof VFD, HazLoc inverters, motor soft starters, frequency converters (AC VFD drives), servo system, and power electronics, V&T Technologies Co., Ltd. held an inverter training course in PuYangNanHua Sugar Group GuangXi LongZhou branch factory and GuangXi DongMen branch factory.

PuYangNanHua Sugar Group is a multi-regional, country, industry, agriculture in one of the largest enterprise groups. Main business is producing sugaring with sugarcane, sugar beet; pulping and paper with bagasse; Alcohol and MSG with molasses fermentation; producing pellet feed with beet waste silk; bio-filter with sugar fermentation waste and sludge fertilizer; purchase and sale of related products, sugarcane planting etc.

PuYangNanHua Sugar Group 200 tons sugar annual capability, accounting for 17.90.15% of total production of China, the 339th among the 2009 top 500 enterprises in China, the fifth China's food processing and manufacturing.

The training participants have more than 200. A three-day intensive training for manufacturers of equipment leadership and technical personnel is held. The main training is the basic principle of the inverter (AC drive), the inverter (drive) application technology introduction, and inverter selection guide the function code to learn more about debugging, troubleshooting and common countermeasures equipment, routine maintenance and repair, practical operation. At the same time, so that students learn while training, combat debugging, the use of the product, and students in practical work, field testing solutions to the problems encountered in the machine, interactive side test questions, so that students are impressed, gained a lot.

training in guangxi training in guangxi

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