V&T EcoDriveCN® drives V&T inverters
explosion proof VFD,HazLoc softstarter, motor soft starter, vector control variable speed drive (VSD, variable frequency drive, AC drive, inverter), reactor, sine wave filters, power electronics: quality as ABB, Siemens.

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V&T EcoDriveCN® drives: Top 15 brands of drives, controls, motor control solution in the world!

Good news: ShenZhen V&T Technologies Co.,Ltd. became listed company with the value of about 2,000,000,000 USD!!

soft starter, VSD

Why should you choose our variable frequency drives (frequency inverters), motor soft starters?

V&T EcoDriveCN® drives: the leading and recognized brand of drive, control & power in the world.

We can customize to your needs, value your business, help to earn the respect of your clients!

We are not only a professional manufacturer for power electronics, but also a competitive and favorable solution provider of drives.

Why don't choose us as those clients?

Still focusing on the traditional brands, such as Siemens, ABB, Yaskawa, Mitsubishi, Lenze, Danfoss, Schneider, Parker, Allen Bradley?
Still looking for the unsatisfied service of some brands?
Stop now! Grasp this unique opportunity to present our drives to your clients with the same superior quality!

We will value your business with utmost care and superior quality! Let's work together to grow your business more quickly than before.

Your business deserves premium drives in Asia. (Images show of drives in our factory)

Why should you choose V&T EcoDriveCN® explosion proof VFD, HazLoc VSD, explosionproof motor soft starters variable speed drives (inverters), harmonic filters, dv/dt filters, sinewave filters, AC/DC reactors (chokes)? There are many brands of variable frequency drives (frequency inverters) in the world. Some of these brands are with good quality, high performance, robust, reliable.

There are some famous brands you know or are using now: Siemens, ABB, Danfoss, Yaskawa, Schneider, Mitsubishi, GE, AB, WEG, Hitachi, Vacon, Emerson Control Techniques, Delta...

We can't list all the brands available in the market, because there are so many, and some brands were available a few years, some just disappeared for some reasons.

The performance of these brands may be similar. Some brands may be better. Some may be cheaper. Some may be suitable in some field, especially in some exact industries or loads.

Our variable frequency drives also perform so. The performance is similar with some brands above for almost all the industries, even better for some industries or loads.

V&T Technologies Co., Ltd. is one top brand of motor control and industrial automation, such as variable speed drives (frequency converters) in the world too.

Failure rate: < 0.15%, just the same as other world-class traditional brands, such as Siemens, ABB, Danfoss, Emerson Control Techniques, Schneider, Rockwell Automation (Allen Bradley), Lenze, Parker, Yaskawa, Mitsubishi, Omron, Fuji, Toshiba, WEG

Authorized CE certificate from ECMG

Prompt delivery lead time: 3-5 days

Reliable and long-term supplier to REGAL, Ingersoll Rand, Foxconn, Tata group...

If you want to use superb inverters (drives), choose us.
If you want to be distributor for drives with superior quality and robustness, choose us.
If you want to have a better service for installation or tuning, choose us.

The available voltage range is from 200V to 1140V, covering almost all the low voltage range, such as 200VAC, 220VAC, 240VAC, 380VAC, 400VAC, 415VAC, 420VAC, 440VAC, 460VAC, 480VAC,500VAC, 525 VAC,550VAC, 575VAC,600VAC, 660VAC, 690VAC (690V - 790V), 800VAC, 900VAC, 1000VAC, 1140VAC (960V - 1300V), 3kv, 6kv, 10kv, 11kv.

The phase available:
Single phase input, three phase output for 200V - 240V inverters.
3 phase input and output for 200V - 1140V inverters.

The control mode:
V/F control (scalar control), PID closed loop control, sensorless vector control (SVC), sensor closed loop vector control with PG card, torque control.

Still feel difficult to choose, right?

No need to worry. We have strong R&D capability, and an experienced engineering and support teams. It's important for you to set the parameters to the applications. The parameter setting is the key for successfully running the drives, explosion proof VFD, HazLoc motor soft starters, frequency inverters) Maintenance and keeping a suitable working environment are also important for running VFDs.

Our professional experiences in different industries will bring you the better result in using V&T EcoDriveCN® drives.

Our technologies in the field of drive and control are mainly based on Emerson and Huawei, some are from Siemens, ABB, Danfoss.

Our superior quality products are made in China, but not just made in China because the components are from the world class top suppliers. For example, the DSP chip is supplied by Texas Instruments of USA. CPU is from USA ATMEL. IGBT module is supplied by Germany EUPEC (Infineon). Of course, you may visit these world class famous suppliers of the components here.

Who should choose to cooperate with V&T EcoDriveCN® drives?

1. If you are professional in the field of drive, control and industrial automation, or have rich experiences in these industrial areas, our superior quality drives (inverters) are the products you are always looking for. You know the superior quality and robustness are key factors in any industrial applications.

Applying our products, will let you have more benefits, more than those you have ever expected on other brands, such as Siemens, ABB, Danfoss, Vacon, Yaskawa.

2. If you are new in the field of motor control, energy conservation, motion control and industrial automation, or just have a few experiences of applying inverters (drives) in some industries, don't hesitate to cooperate. We are the one, who will boost your business, improve your career, and maximize your value!

What benefit can you get from us?

We take your business seriously and will ensure that all your requirements are taken care of with utmost care and responsibility.

Our Expertise & Experience Are Your Guarantee!

Except our own manufactured products, we provide other famous brands, such as Siemens, ABB, Schneider, Emerson Control Techniques, Danfoss, Yaskawa, Vacon, Lenze, Rockwell Automation Allen Bradley, Fuji, Toshiba, Omron, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, WEG, Bosch Rexroth, Parker, etc.

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Contact us now to take advantage of this unique opportunity!

Commitment to clients.

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