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Air compressor applications introduction

Air compressor
Air compressor applications introduction

Energy efficiency retrofits of air compressors (20% ~ 60% energy saving ratio)

Approximately 70% of all manufacturers have a compressed air system. These systems power a variety of equipment, including machine tools, material handling, separation equipment, and spray painting equipment. V&T Technologies Co., Ltd. has rich experiences in the field, is a leader of energy efficiency retrofits of air compressors in the world.

Famous companies in the field, such as Atlas Copco, Trane, Ingersoll Rand and Sullair, choose to integrate our high performance drives with their compressors, recommend to their existing clients for energy saving and control.

visit some photos from the application fields of V&T Technologies Co.,Ltd. EcoDriveCN® AC motor speed controller in air compressor industry.

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I. Application overview in air compressor industry

We own abundant experiences in matching and renovating air compressors. V5-H inverter has been applied in batch to domestic mainstream air compressor manufacturers. For the air compressor characteristics, Our company especially designs integrative energy-saving control cabinet to ensure renovation is more convenient and fast, and composite cost is lower.

Operating principle
The control system takes output pressure as control object. The closed loop constant pressure control system consists of inverter, pressure sensor and motor. The pressure value can be set directly by the operating panel. The field pressure is detected by a sensor, converted to 4 ~ 20mA current signal and then feed back to inverter. The inverter performs PID calculation to adjusting its output frequency for the purpose of constant pressure control and energy-saving of air compressor. The inverter energy-saving is represented below:
1)Adjusts air flow by adjusting the motor rotation speed to ensure the motor output power is proportional to flowrate demand, so as to keep high efficiency operation of motor. It is high in power factor, small in reactive power losses and evident in energy-saving effect;
2) According to strict EMS standard design, adopt high-speed and low consuming IGBT and adopted high-efficiency vector control algorithm to ensure that inverter harmonic distortion and the motor energy loss are minimized;
3) Automatically quick dormancy ensures idle time shortens and motor completely stops to save energy to maximum extent. The impact-less starting and low frequency large torque characteristics ensure that inverter starts and stops with load at any moment.
Inverter lectotype
According to load characteristics, air compressor (including other compressor) belongs to the constant torque and heavy load equipment, for which V5-H series inverter should be selected. For equipment with motor power below 75kW, the inverter power class selected should be match to motor power. For equipment with motor power above 90KW, the inverter power class should be a level larger than motor power.
For Reconstruction project, V5-J integrative energy-saving control cabinet supporting conversion between power frequency and variable frequency. Not only keep the original system, but also convenient for subsequent maintenance.
II. V&T EcoDriveCN® inverter (variable frequency drive)'s advantages in air compressor industry

High-efficiency energy-saving
  1. With vector control technique, air supply of air compressor can be combined with user's air consumption amount perfectly, which completely avoids unloading power loss.
  2. Under discontinuity air consumption status, peak of current and torque are avoided through inverter start, so machine can perform unlimited starting and stop, truly accomplishing infinitely variable speeds of 0 ~ 100% and farthest limiting idle work generation.
  3. Without excessive 0.2Mpa pressure burden (loading and unloading pressure difference), the machine directly save energy of 14% because 7% energy loss can be saved each time reduced 0.1Mpa pressure.
Randomly setting required pressure and keep pressure supply constant
  1. User can randomly setting pressure within range of 0.3 ~ 1.4Mpa and without needing to replace gear or belt.
  2. Under setting required pressure, the machine would always keep constant pressure air supply and the error less than +-0.1Mpa. When air consumption amount become large, pressure keeps constant and the rotation speed automatic compensation to ensure air supply demand.
  3. When air consumption amount become tail off, pressure keeps constant and the rotation speed automatically slow down to satisfy only adequate air supply.
Advanced remote control function
  • The advanced control, monitoring and communication system is adopted Users in various regions can conveniently obtain technical aid of supplier through internet.
More reliable performance
  1. Inverter (variable frequency drive) soft starting avoids electric shock and mechanical shock.
  2. It exempts adverse factor that machine runs at high speed for a long time.
  3. Without contactor, it can exempt electrical contact fault.
  4. It exempts 0.2Mpa overtopping pressure and reduces system leak probability.
Energy-saving and environment-friendly, equipment is immediately enabled after it is in place
  1. Special inverter (variable frequency drive) for air compressor is convenient for installation. The low speed axial fan and modern vibration isolation and noise reduction measures ensure compressor running with low noise.
  2. Thus it is convenient for user to place at production field. So long as equipment is in place, it can be fast connected and can be enabled immediately for running.
III. Basic function code setting
P0.03=1, Analog value feedback process close loop control
P0.06=1, Running command reference is terminal mode
P0.08=6.0, Acceleration time
P0.09=6.0, Deceleration time
P0.14=15.00Hz, Frequency lower limit
P2.02=FECB, Display parameter selection at running
P2.03=2222, Display parameter selection at stopping
P2.04=2, Display pressure at running status
P2.05, Actual pressure and display error
P3.09=0,Reverse is enable
P5.00=2, X1 terminal function is forward
P5.01=20, X2 terminal function is reset
P7.02= 2,Relay output function is FDT
P7.20=20.00Hz FDT1 level upper limit, control load
P7.21=19.00Hz FDT1 level lower limit, control unload
P8.00=5.5 Analog feedback process close loop control digital voltage reference
P8.03=1.000, Proportional gain Kp
P8.04=10.00, Integral gain Ki
P8.07=0.0, Deviation limit
P8.08=00 It must be consistent with the setup running direction
P9.01 setting motor pole
P9.03 setting motor rated power
P9.04 setting motor rated current
IV. Wiring
wiring of VFD to air compressor

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