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V6-H-M1 variable frequency drive with simple servo function

inverter with simple servo

V&T EcoDriveCN® V6-H-M1 closed loop vector control and torque control inverter

Has the motor the encoder?
Do you want to control the motor and machine precisely?
Do you want to achieve vector control closed loop control with V6-H-M1 variable frequency drives?

Thus you need to add PG card for V&T EcoDriveCN® VFDs. several models of PG cards are available for your application. Just visit to choose suitable PG cards now.

V6-H-M1 closed loop vector control variable frequency drive with simple servo

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V6-H-M1 VFD is with simple servo function, used in CNC machine tools, has the following advantages:
Compact structure: volume equivalent to 70% of the same power inverter.
Low speed precision machining: with excellent low frequency and large torque performance to meet the spindle processing .(it can output 180% rated torque under 0.25Hz at motoring condition).
Torque and speed indicators: excellent performance to meet the sudden load and sudden unload requirements when cutting , dynamic torque response time less than 20ms, Speed stabilization precision reach +- 0.2%.
Excellent control performance under speed sensorless vector control
Realize AC motor decoupling,enabling the DC motorization of operation control.
Figure 1 shows the speed sensorless vector control of the motor four-quadrant running, torque, current, speed and DC bus voltage fast response, and the motor running stable.
Realizing 0.1s acceleration and deceleration with rated motor load.
Upon the zero-crossing switching of the motor (forward/reverse switching), the current has no phase mutation or oscillation, and the rotating speed has no pulsation.
The bus voltage is under stable control. Quick and reliable braking can be realized when decelerating under the condition of braking without power consumption.
It is especially suitable for:
The reciprocating equipment, such as numerical control machine tool, engraving and milling machine, fountain control
machine, weaving machine and jacquard.

torque, current, speed, bus voltage curve

Download V6-H-M1 closed loop field-oriented control variable speed drive additional manual for precision control

Quick acceleration/deceleration four-quadrant running in the form of 0Hz -->Forward running 50Hz-->0Hz-->Reverse running 50Hz-->0Hz.

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