V&T EcoDriveCN® drives V&T inverters
explosion proof VFD,HazLoc softstarter, motor soft starter, vector control variable speed drive (VSD, variable frequency drive, AC drive, inverter), reactor, sine wave filters, power electronics: quality as ABB, Siemens.

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E5-H PID control variable speed drive (VSD)

universal AC drive
PID closed loop control and vector control universal drive (VSD): terminal wiring, technical specification, manual...

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E5-H general purpose Volts per Hertz (V/F) control & vector control VVVF drives

For E5-H better scalar control (V/F control) & vector control universal AC inverter drives, with built-in PID controller for closed loop control, there are 2 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs, 4 digital inputs, and 1 digital output.

failure rate: < 0.15%, just the same as other world-class traditional brands, such as Siemens, ABB, Emerson, Schneider, Rockwell Automation (Allen Bradley), Lenze, Parker, Yaskawa, Mitsubishi, Omron
authorized CE, issued by ECMG
18-month warranty period
prompt delivery lead time: 1-3 days
supply to REGAL, Ingersoll Rand, Foxconn, Tata group...

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EcoDriveCN inverters for mixer

Applications of V&T EcoDriveCN® drives:
Conveyor belt, plastic extruder machines, automatic doors, roller door, escalator, dumpling maker, food stirrer, noodle maker, drill, milling machines, wood working machine, simple cutting machine for wood working, spraying machine, sewage disposal system, constant pressure water supply system, water treatment pump, Circulating pump, agricoltural pump, temperature control of middle/large oven, dryer's windmill Round weaver, cross weaver, ribbon weaver, ironing machine, treadmil, feeder, car washing machine, liquid mixer.

Terminal wiring of E5-H vector control general purpose variable frequency drives with PID controller

Technical Specifications of E5-H enhanced V/Hz control & vector control inverters (variable speed drives)

Auto tuning of optimized V/F control

User manual of E5-H better V/F control, vector control & PID closed loop control AC inverters

FAQ of E5-H optimized V/F control & vector control general purpose variable speed drives

FAQ of E5-H PID closed loop control AC drive in pdf format

Wiring guide of AC frequency inverter with peripherals, such as AC reactor, braking resistor, EMI filter

Selection guide of braking resistor for E5-H enhanced V/Hz control & vector control AC drives

Applications and solutions of our variable speed drives in different industries

Application case of using variable frequency drive for submersible pump

energy saving ratio of air compressors with frequency inverters (variable speed drives).

Difference between E5, V5 and V6 series AC frequency converters

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